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WebFeb 10,  · About This File. Germanwings D-AIPT for the Flightfactor Airbus A Please use the correct Carda Engine! CFM5A: D-AIPT. replace.me /. This livery is compatible with Carda´s Engine Mod. provided with amazing base textures done by @Delta_Who and @19adam99! WebMay 07,  · Download. Description. Download our Airbus A Eurowings (D-AEWG | Göteborg). Compatible with FSLabs AX. If you like what we are doing please feel free to spend us a cup of coffee. PayPal: replace.me ### You are not allowed to edit this livery in any way or upload it on other websites. Please support us and share the link to . WebApr 20,  · Download Download Professional. Germanwings Airbus A D-AGWH Old Livery Downloadsize: Mb Download Download Professional. Volaris Airbus A XA-VOE Download Professional. AtlasGlobal A TC-ATK Downloadsize: Mb Download Download Professional. Onur Air A TC-OBG . WebDec 16,  · Discover thousands of free Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons and Mods for PC – our liveries, airports, scenery and planes are % free to download! Discover and download free scenery enhancements, aircraft liveries, improvements, tweaks and many more add-ons to improve your gaming experience. AIRBUS A Checklist and Flow .


Germanwings a320 fsx download.FSX Airbus A320 with FD-FMC and VC


The Aerosoft Airbus products have always been highly focused on simulating the task of the Captain. All the systems that are used in day to day flights are simulated with great attention to detail. This includes a Weather Radar that is a unique Aerosoft development and that is fully functional without the need for a specific weather add-on!

This product contains many modules that are normally costly add-ons. The complete set of manuals including Vol. Please note that those manuals are only available in German and English yet. Log in. Shopping Bag. Your Shopping Bag is empty! Total: 0 item EUR 0. Shopping Bag Proceed to Checkout. EUR VAT All sales based on Euro. Other currencies shown as reference only! GBP CNY On my Wishlist add to cart. Aerosoft GmbH. Very easy on frame-rates All lights created with the best technology which actually lights objects up Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects sun screens, windows, tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc.

All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened. Extensive options to show ground objects cones, ground power etc and to actually provide ground power Included web server that allows you to access and use the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers Many systems programmed in XML to allows users to change code Extensive manuals, with highly detailed step-by-step document, Checklist and procedures also available in eBook format Prepared for Airport Enhancement Services.

Fully compatible with GSX SDK will be available, LINDA connectivity available Add-in system that allows the aircraft to be extended with 3rd party applications all using the right MCDU Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion Add-in Checklist system: semi-automated audio checklists Systems: Fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems with flight envelope protection, stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection, auto trim.

Full custom electrical bus system, with realistic battery run down and voltages. Navigation display with curved lines, de-cluttering, stopwatch, selected navaid, runway information, range change, mode change, stopwatch etc.

This is a unique development! Full custom fuel flow, avoiding standard FSX limitations. Full custom auto brakes with constant deceleration instead of constant brake pressure. Full featured loading and refueling module interfaced with FSX with advanced and simple mode.

Orally spoken checklist items by the PF and confirmed by the PnF Option included that the PnF also performs certain settings gear up, flaps settings etc. Rating Filter:. Most recent reviews:. What can I say; the Aerosoft Airbus is fantastic and perfect.

The aircarfts in the bundle is the complete A family and they are great, the dynamics, the model, the systems inside the aircrafts are just perfect. The textures inside and outside the aircarfts are pure beauty, they look real and it comes with many liveries and many more available for download everywhere.

The performance of the simulator will not be affeted, FPS run as smooth. This is a must have addon even if you are a Boeing fanboy, this aircarft is special and makes you fall in love with it. Completely worth the price. The fly-by-wire system really works. The planes handle like a dream and have just the right amount of systems simulated to enjoy it without being overwhelmed.

I wish Aerosoft made a larger bird from the Airbus family to be able to fly long haul. Everything looks great, works great. It reminds me of the old PSS days, only way better! This package comes with a large number of liveries. I purchased it only because I wanted a Tarom Airbus. You get a fully working checklist to walk you through startup and all operations. You can let the co-pilot handle things after take off.

It has nice cabin crew sounds, and at the gate you have a variety of options. All doors function, engine sounds a great. FMS works great. The models look good. I’m no expert on flying these, but it does appear to “feel” like it is modeled correctly. This has now become one of my favorite planes to fly!

Certainly the best aircraft of the A family. Many thanks for the opportunity to buy at once all the planes at a very affordable price. Having made a few flights have not found any significant deficiencies. I recommend this assembly to buying all fans of Airbus. Der Airbus von Aerosoft ist der Erste und Einzige seiner Art, der wirklich den Eindruck eines Flugverhaltens vermittelt, und dies bei mir relativ fehlerfrei.

Wenn man bedenkt, welche Features die aktuelle Version zu dem Preis! Customers who bought this product also purchased. MD V2. Captain Sim. Just Flight Downloads. Wilco Publishing. Perfect Flight Project. Flight 1 Software. Everythin- g looks great, works great. Thi- s has now become one of my favorite planes to fly!

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