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Main Page. You can also download 7-Zip archive manager – very good archive manager that allows you to open ZIP files and others archive formats. They are not intended to be used for illegal purposes. WebBrowserPassView v2. This tool might be useful if you have a disk with Windows operating system that cannot boot anymore, but most files on this hard drive are still accessible and you need to extract your passwords from it.

IE PassView v1. It supports the new Internet Explorer 7. By default, PasswordFox displays the passwords stored in your current profile, but you can easily select to watch the passwords of any other Firefox profile.

ChromePass v1. WirelessKeyView v2. OutlookAccountsView v1. You can extract the Outlook accounts information of the current user, from external disk plugged to your computer, and from remote computer on your network.

WinMailPassRec v1. Network Password Recovery v1. This utility recovers all network passwords stored on your system for the current logged-on user. BulletsPassView v1. Mail PassView v1. PST Personal Folders file. RouterPassView v1.

VaultPasswordView v1. You can use it to decrypt the Windows Vault data of your currently running system, as well as the Windows Vault data stored on external hard drive. CredentialsFileView v1. You can use it to decrypt the Credentials data of your currently running system, as well as the Credentials data stored on external hard drive.

EncryptedRegView v1. When it finds encrypted data in the Registry, it tries to decrypt it and displays the decrypted data in the main window of EncryptedRegView. With this tool, you may find passwords and other secret data stored in the Registry by Microsoft products as well as by 3-party products.

DataProtectionDecryptor v1. MadPassExt v1. CredHistView v1. In order to decrypt the file, you have to provide your latest login password. Remote Desktop PassView v1. SecurityQuestionsView v1. SecurityQuestionsView can decrypt the security questions stored on your current running system Requires elevation and it can also decrypt the security questions stored on external hard drive.

SecurityQuestionsView displays the security questions of all users on your system that chose to set their security questions, for every user there are usually 3 questions.

OperaPassView v1. LSASecretsView v1. LSASecretsDump v1. PCAnywhere PassView v1. Both login information and the protection passwords are revealed instantly. Access PassView v1. Win9x PassView v1. Content Advisor Password Remover v1. Enterprise Manager PassView v1. VNCPassView v1. Dialupass v3. You can use it to recover a lost password of your Internet connection or VPN. MessenPass v1. AsterWin IE v1. You can use it for recovering a lost web site password, if it’s stored on your computer.

Source code is included! Network Monitoring Tools SmartSniff v2. WifiChannelMonitor also allows you to view the information about wifi clients that are not connected to any access points, including the list of SSIDs network names that they are trying to connect. NetworkTrafficView v2. AppNetworkCounter v1. LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.

PingInfoView v2. It automatically ping to all hosts every number of seconds that you specify, and displays the number of succeed and failed pings, as well as the average ping time. WifiInfoView v2. When you select a wireless network in the upper pane of this tool, the lower pane displays the Wi-Fi information elements received from this device, in hexadecimal format. WifiInfoView also has a summary mode, which displays a summary of all detected wireless networks, grouped by channel number, company that manufactured the router, PHY type, or the maximum speed.

WifiDiagnosticsView v1. When a failure is detected, the error code and error description is displayed. TCPConnectProblemView also allows you to automatically close any TCP socket with no response from the server, in order to decrease the time you wait for any software to display an error message IPv4 only. SocketSniff v1. You can also watch the content of each send or receive call, in Ascii mode or as Hex Dump. CurrPorts v2. For each port in the list, information about the process that opened the port is also displayed, including the process name, full path of the process, version information of the process product name, file description, and so on , the time that the process was created, and the user that created it.

ProcessTCPSummary v1. NetworkConnectLog v1. NetworkLatencyView v1. For every IP address, NetworkLatencyView displays up to 10 network latency values, and their average.

The latency value calculated by NetworkLatencyView is very similar to the result you get from pinging to the same IP address. DNSLookupView v1. DNSQuerySniffer v1. WhoIsConnectedSniffer v1. Wireless Network Watcher v2. For every computer or device that is connected to your network, the following information is displayed: IP address, MAC address, the company that manufactured the network card, and optionally the computer name. NetworkUsageView v1. WakeMeOnLan v1. When your computers are turned on, WakeMeOnLan allows you to scan your network, and collect the MAC addresses of all your computers, and save the computers list info a file.

Later, when your computers are turned off or in standby mode, you can use the stored computers list to easily choose the computer you want to turn on, and then turn on all these computers with a single click. WakeMeOnLan also allows you to turn on a computer from command-line, by specifying the computer name, IP address, or the MAC address of the remote network card.

NetworkCountersWatch v1. You can also initialize all counters to zero at any time in order to watch the network counters for specific event.

NetworkCountersWatch also calculates and displays the current download speed and upload speed on your network interface. WifiHistoryView v1. WifiHistoryView can read the wifi history information from a running system or from external event log file of another computer. NetworkOpenedFiles v1. NetBScanner v1.

NetBScanner also shows whether a computer is a Master Browser. WirelessNetView v1. IPNeighborsView v1. IPPathTableView v1. WirelessConnectionInfo v1. AdapterWatch v1. NetResView v1. NetRouteView v1. It displays the list of all routes on your current network, including the destination, mask, gateway, interface IP address, metric value, type, protocol, age in seconds , interface name, and the MAC address.

NetRouteView also allows you to easily add new routes, as well as to remove or modify existing static routes.



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